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New Mobile App FAQs

When will the updated Delta Dental mobile app be available?

The updated mobile app will be available for download in mid-November 2021.

Do I need to create a new account to access the updated mobile app?

No, you can simply use your existing username and password to access the updated mobile app.

Do I need to download a new mobile app? Or will my existing app update automatically?

Your existing app will not update automatically. Yes, you will need to download the updated mobile app named Delta Dental Mobile App.

Can I still use the existing app?

No, the existing mobile app will not work after 12/19/2021.

Why isn’t the app just automatically updating? Why do I need to download something new?

To create a better user experience, the new Delta Dental Mobile App is built on an updated technology platform that is faster and more stable.

What functions are available on the new mobile app?

-          Member ID

-          Dentist finder

-          Cost estimator

-          Account management functions

Is my information going to be transferred over to the new app?

You will be able to use the same username and password to access the new mobile app. All information, including your saved dependent information and preferred dentists, will be transferred over to the new mobile app.

Will I still have access to the existing functions on the new mobile app?

You will continue to have access to member ID, dentist finder and cost estimator. Existing saved dentists and dependents will be transferred over to the new app.

Is the new app secure? Will my information be protected?

Yes, the application uses industry best practices for securing your data.